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Monday, February 28, 2011

Chattanooga Tennessee

On our way down to Savannah Georgia we stopped off in Chattanooga for a night.  This would have been in August of 2010 so it was pretty sultry. I had driven through and by Chattanooga several times, but I had never actually stopped there.  We wanted to have a nice dinner and walk through the city.  Chattanooga has a fun riverwalk, where you walk along the Tennessee River.

It was hard to capture the setting sun because of the hills that surround Chattanooga.  The riverfront has a great area where water runs down some steps and ends up in a pool at the bottom.  So you can walk through and kids can play in the water which was a lot of fun.  Wish I had known that and I could have brought my bathing suit.  You can also take a dinner cruise on the river.  We weren't there long enough to do this but we were able to see the cruise redock after one of their river cruises and talked to some people that had been on it.

The place that I really wanted to go and visit was called Lookout Mtn.  At Lookout Mountain you can see seven states, an underground waterfall, and ride a steep incline railway.  I really only wanted to see the waterfall, hike around some and maybe see if I could see the waterfall.  Imagine my surprise when we got to the top of Lookout Mtn (after some steep turns and a bit of a drive) to find out that you can't just walk around Lookout Mtn.  You actually have to pay a ticket price to see anything!  The morning that we were there was so very foggy that we didn't want to pay the ticket price, only to find out that we couldn't see anything because of the fog, so we passed.  I was a little disappointed and hope to be able to go back there and try it out again.

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