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Saturday, March 3, 2012

2012 Travel Plans so far...

I'd like to say that this early in the year, I've got all my traveling figured out for that year, but I do not.  I begin thinking about and even make some plans this early, but nothing is ever set in stone.  I just never know what is going to happen in life that changes things.  Remember my post here about the different trips that I would like to take, well that is what I use to begin my planning and then I just take it from there and see how everything goes.  All that to say that these are my plans thus far and they will be likely to change haha.

Trip 1 
First up is my trip in May to California.  I will heading out there on a plane (gulp) with my son (double gulp) by myself to visit my dad.  I hope to spend a few days in San Diego, walking around Balboa Park and hitting the zoo.  I also hope to visit either Joshua Tree National Park or King's Canyon/Sequoia National Park, not sure yet which one.  Both parks have beautiful, yet distinctly different scenery.  Probably the thing that will tell me which one is 1. weather and 2. gas prices.  I will be renting a car and gas is supposed to be astronomical at that point like $4-$5 a gallon or some crazy price like that.  Insane!!  This trip will probably take the place of my couple trip since it will be somewhat pricey and I only have so much money allocated to my travel fund :).

Trip 2 Family Vacation
 Philadelphia/ Gettysburg/ Valley Forge OR South Dakota
This summer our family trip will be one of two places with pretty different things to do.  If we go to Philly, it will be a trip chalk full of historical sites.  I'm an avid lover of history so this would be a lot of fun for me and I think my son is old enough to enjoy the sites as well.  We would stay in Philly for a few days and then make our way out to Valley Forge and spend a few days there.  The 150 year celebration of the Battle of Gettysburg is forthcoming.  The battle site has tons of things going on to celebrate that.  It will be a fun time for sure.

If we decide to go the South Dakota route, it will be more of a natural history kind of vacation.  I am leaving some of the decision up to my family, see who wants to go where.  In South Dakota we would hit the Badlands and the Black Hills and Mt. Rushmore.  I would enjoy seeing the fossilized remains of a wholly mammoth and my son can participate in a fossil digging site.  We would also be able to see some of the Native American Indian history.

Trip 3 Solo Trip
Wichita, Kansas/Michigan Along the Lake/????
If all my plans go right I will be making my first solo trip this summer as well to brush up on my photography, see some of the beauty of God's creation, and have some intensive study time as well.  This trip is pretty wide open.  All I know is that it will probably be closer to home, within a day's drive for me and will last probably 3-5 days depending upon where and how comfortable I feel.  I am looking forward to it, as I have been wanting to do this for quite some time now.  I will be praying for God's wisdom in this and how I can best use it to serve Him.

Miscellaneous Longer Weekend Trips 
I have a few of these planned for as well.  Not sure yet where.  I hope to do a Fall Colors Trip like I did a couple of years ago.  I might spend a few days in Omaha, NE at the zoo.  Lake Michigan shoreline to hang out with a friend and her kids if she is able to.  Also wherever my husband and I would like to go together if that pans out.  But that is the extent of my plans for the moment.  Will fill you in later as I get everything more planned out.

So there you have it.  My list of trips for the year.  What about you, do you have any plans for the year?  Ideas on where to go?  Let me know about them.

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