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Friday, March 30, 2012

What's the Buzz About Spring

I really do love the rebirth that happens during the springtime.  Kind of like an earthly version of God's promise of eternity, flowers blooming again and new babies being born.  I haven't seen any baby birds yet, it might be early still, but our extra warm winter and early spring have got the flowers blooming and the bees pollinating.
Bee pollinating my apple blossoms

 For some reason I have a tendency to miss out on all the flowers, at least for photography purposes.  I mean, I see them while out walking around, but this year I am trying to make it a point to take my camera with me when I walk.  The other day I was checking out my apple blossom tree, which seemingly overnight sprouted tons of blossoms, and I was amazed at the literal drone of tons of bees pollinating the tree.  Little honeybees and big bumble bees all busy, busy.
Bumblebee and possibly honeybee side by side

  I always love to try and take pictures of insects on trees and I was really aching for a macro lens camera for these pictures.  I was actually very glad to see the bees, especially considering the problem we have been having with the lack of bees to pollinate the flowers and make honey.  There was no lack of bees around this apple tree that is for sure!  Oh and I can't forget about the butterflies.  I was so excited to start seeing our monarchs coming by to visit and flit around.  They are so much fun to watch.
monarch butterfly on apple blossom
Make sure that you go out and enjoy your spring this year and try something new with your camera.  I promise it will be fun :).  I leave you with just one more picture that I really love because of the atmospheric quality to it.

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