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Monday, April 9, 2012

John Wayne and Bridges

Slight change of plans in my quick road trip out to Omaha Nebraska.  My first thought was that I was going to see some of the Loess Hills region that is in the western part of Iowa on my way out to Nebraska, but when I saw the signs for Winterset and the Bridges of Madison County, I changed my mind.  I think all of us have seen or heard about the movie starring Clint Eastwood and based on the book by Robert James Waller.  I personally did not really care for the movie, watching somebody cheat on somebody is never a really good thing in my mind.  BUT the bridges were kinda neat to see.
Roseman Bridge(built in 1883) - This is the bridge that Robert Kincaid is looking for when he stops at Francesca's home for directions.

It was such a beautiful day when we were there.  Gorgeous blue skies and the temperatures were cool but great for walking around.  Winterset's City Park is where the next bridge is located.  The city park is really pretty and well kept up, where people and dogs walk around enjoying the day.  There were several trees that had beautiful flowers still on them in April when we went.  It's a great place for a picnic lunch.
Cutler-Donahoe Bridge - built in 1870.  I think this is where there was a picnic lunch with Robert and Francesca in the movie
We also drove through the only remaining bridge left that you could drive over.  All of the covered bridges were neat to look at and see even if you are not a fan of the movie itself.  Just to think that in this small town of Iowa there was a movie done is pretty wild. 
Cedar Covered Bridge - built in 1883, only remaining bridge left that you can drive over.

Winterset itself is a typical small town, faring a little better then some others featuring the birth place of John Wayne.  You can take a tour of the house, which is really small and check out the gift store as well.

The volunteers at the gift center are very well informed and helpful.  Small town friendliness exudes through them and they will gladly talk about and answer any questions you might have about the bridges and John Wayne.  The ladies seem to know just about every John Wayne movie ever made, which is a rather remarkable feat, and be able to give plot synopsis' for them.  Fun place to stop at if you are ever in the area.  This picture is for my dad and grandpa, both John Wayne fans!

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