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Monday, April 16, 2012

Road Trip Tales - Monkey Trouble

I absolutely love travel photography because of the stories that you can tell with travel pictures.  We always have something interesting, often hilarious happen to us while on a trip.  So I will be posting random Road Trip Tales or RTT's about them.  Stories that I try to capture with pictures.  I promised you that I would give you further details about this cute, little, monkey we saw while at the Omaha Zoo.
Remember this guy....  Well here's his story.

You can always tell that something is going on at the zoo by the sheer amount of people that are gathered around a certain exhibit.  Where there is zoo animal action, there are crowds of adoring fans watching.  In this case, somehow somebody had either dropped or purposely thrown a Kansas City Royals baseball cap into his enclosure, fair warning though that you SHOULD NOT throw ANYTHING into animal enclosures, EVER!  You do not know what could hurt the animals.  Okay warning done.  Monkey thought this was the absolute coolest thing he had ever seen!  I assume it was a he,though it could have been a girl, he just reminded me of a boy so that is what I am going with.

He could not decide what to do with it.  Do I put it on my head.....

Play peek a boo with it.....

I mean what the heck do humans do with these things?  It doesn't taste too good......

Ahhhh forget it, I'm gonna take a nap....

He even was throwing it up in the air, like a little kid does with a baseball.  He'd throw it and watch where it went and then go pounce on it and throw it up in the air again.  He was most definately NOT sharing with his monkey pals either and would run away and hide it if any of the other monkeys got too close.  Hilarious to watch!

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  1. Oh, what a delightful post. That little guy is hilarious. Enjoyed the photos and the witty captions!

    1. haha thanks! He was quite the attraction at the zoo. One of the many reasons why I love traveling, those stories. Thanks for reading.

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