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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wanderlust Wednesday Omaha Zoo

The zoo is pretty awesome!
Beautiful, bright day as you can tell from my son's expression haha.

I have always loved zoos.  I love how interactive the exhibits are getting, less about the "cage,"
Look at the canines on that kitty!  I was able to get pretty close to him.

and more about the fun, interactive things you can do there.
Jungle tree you can swing on in the Lied Jungle exhibit
At least that is what the good zoos are doing and the Omaha Zoo is one of the top zoos in the country.  They have the largest, indoor jungle and the largest, indoor desert.  They also have an interactive bird exhibit where you can feed the birds off of sticks, we didn't make it to that exhibit unfortunately and a tidepool area where you can touch tidepool creatures.  The line for that exhibit was horribly long, so we skipped it as well.  The zoo has an aquarium as well that had reopened the day before we went.  That will get it's own blog soon.

Everybody has there favorites when going to the zoo I think.  I personally LOVE the big cats, just because they are sooo beautiful.  Not that they do too much but laze around haha.
Black jaguar - his fur looked like velvet
Everybody loves the monkeys I think as well, because they are just soo much fun to watch.

More on this guy to come later, because he was just such a character and we had tons of fun watching him play around with this baseball cap.

Some people think that animals, especially the great apes are very similar to people.  Sometimes I would have to agree with them on that.
How can you not just laugh at that pose?  I mean he is just chillin' in the sun, almost like how I do when I am on a beach haha.  I even block my eyes like he is doing.  Though I don't agree with evolutionists on where we came from, wow, God created some amazing creatures.

We can't forget about the babies, of course!  Although the Cincinnati Zoo gets the distinction of typically having the most luck with babies being born in their zoo, Omaha had a few babies that were quite adorable to see.
white pawed monkey - how can you not love that face!

Baby giraffe - only a week old!

How can you not just LOVE looking at baby animals?  You can always tell when there was a baby or ano animal was interacting because the crowds around that area would just swell.  While we were there, one of the gorillas play charged the window, causing a few people to jump.  We also had a baby gorilla bang on the window where kids were and interact with them that way.  A polar bear was swimming around in his pool, playing with his ball and penquins were swimming up close to you and checking you out in their pool as well.

See a slideshow of these and other images from the Omaha Zoo below.

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