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Monday, May 7, 2012

California Dreaming - Travel Preview

We are a short time away from what is probably going to be the longest trip of 2012 and I am really excited about it and trying not to freak out too much.  My son and I will be heading out to Southern California for about 10 days to visit my dad(PaPa) to the kids and spend a few days wandering about.
This will be state number 20 (more if I count childhood trips, but I'm not at the moment) on my fifty states list and I am looking forward to the visit out there, BUT not the flight.  I'm going to let you in on a little secret of mine.....

I HATE to fly!!!!  There I admitted it, *whip off brow* :).  I'm not afraid to fly.  I just HATE to fly, as in I get all stressed out about it and my body doesn't handle it well at all.  If I could road trip it out there I would, without a doubt.  But my flight tickets were just too doggone cheap for me to consider it.  They were non-stop as well which is a total bonus too.  Downside and pain in my butt is the logistics of getting out to California via flying.  I live a little over three hours from the nearest airport and a little over 5 hours from the airport that I am actually flying out of.  I have to stay overnight at a hotel so I can make it to my flight on time AND get the free parking for my vehicle.  Ugh!  I will also probably ship my luggage out to my dad's so I don't have to pay the extra fee to check my bag.  It will be cheaper to do that, so why not.  But enough about the bad stuff, let's go on to all the fun we are going to have on this trip!

We will fly into LAX(fun, fun) and pick up my rental vehicle.  I was so wanting a convertible(how fun would that be to drive around California right??), but the rental prices are INSANE for that, so I'm stuck with the economy vehicle which will get better gas mileage as well, I hope.  Our first stop then will be to figure out how to get out of LAX, maneuver through crazy traffic and stop at my dad's place to pick up our luggage.  Which I pray has made it out there in time.  After a brief hi, how are you, maybe dinner, see you in a few days, we will drive out to San Diego.

We will be spending a few days in San Diego and of course one of my first stops will be Balboa Park. 
Photo courtesy of balboapark.org

The sheer amount of things to do is this park is wild!  I'm sure I could spend days just here so I have to be careful and really decide what I want to do.  I was thinking about the San Diego Zoo, but it is quite pricey to visit, so I'm wavering.  If not, we will probably just wander around and see what else there is to see in the park.  Museums galore, gardens, a tram and carousel, all sorts of things.  Leaving this kind of open ended right now.

Next up will be Cabrillo National Monument and hopefully some tidepooling there.  If not, just some hiking and walking around, seeing some history and beautiful scenery.  Depending upon our mood we can drive there or take the ferry to it.  If we drive we can hit part of the 59 mile San Diego Scenic Drive so that is what I am leaning towards. 

If we can't or don't tidepool in Cabrillo then we can attempt to tidepool in LaJolla as well as take our sea kayaking tour and visit Coronado which is supposed to have a wonderful family, friendly beach.
Photo courtesy of the Coronado Visitor Center

This way my son can get his swimming in, since he absolutely loves swimming and the ocean.  Not sure I will be doing any swimming since I think the weather will be a little too cool for my comfort, haha.  But watching him will be worth it.  After that it will be off to my dad's place to visit him for a few days.  I am looking forward to seeing him since it has been about a year since I last got the chance to.  We have no set plans while in LA, so stay posted after the trip for what we end up doing.

Last, but certainly not least, on my California Dreaming trip is a visit to Sequoia and King's Canyon National Park.  I cannot wait to see the expression on my son's face when he sees the giant sequoia's and I am excited to be doing some hiking and exploring while out there.  We will be staying inside of the park.  Stay tuned after the trip for pictures and I'm sure lots and lots of fun stories and adventures!!

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  1. Have a safe and wonderful trip, Sere! Hope you enjoy the parks and looking forward to your posts and pictures.

  2. Mary I am sure that I will enjoy the parks. How can I not with such beautiful scenary :). Can't wait for my trip to begin! Be sure to stay posted on my facebook page for pictures!

  3. I'm SO excited for you! You will have an AMAZING trip, I'm sure. I can't wait to hear about your adventures. Hoping to get to King's Canyon/Sequoia myself this summer. :-)

    1. I hope that you do make it to Sequoia and King's Canyon! I am really looking forward to seeing the parks AND the huge trees! I can't wait to see my son's face when he sees how big they are. I hope that you check out my facebook page at www.facebook.com/lightofworldphoto for the pictures!