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Friday, June 15, 2012

A Traveling Tribute to My Dad

Father's Day is coming up and while I was planning on attempting to post some of my California pictures I realized that I needed to do a tribute to the guy in my life who led me to my love of travel and my wanderlust. 

We have been a traveling family for as long as I can remember.  My brother and I used to take off in the summer in our grandparents camper and travel all around the midwest.  There are stories from my grandfather about criss crossing the USA via railroad and my dad hitchhiking cross country.  I hope to continue the trend with a cross country drive someday.  My father's own love of traveling, encouraged me to embrace my own love of traveling and I haven't looked back. 
My dad in the Badlands circa 1970's maybe
Somewhere there is a picture of my brother Chad at this same spot and I hope to get a picture of my son there and one of me as well.  Traveling is one of the ways we can connect as a family.  Traveling bonds our family together because it is a way to get away from it all and just enjoy each other without all the distractions. 
Dad and I in Black Hills, SD around 1991
My husband farms so being able to "get away" from work is important because his job is really at our house so it is hard to walk away from that in the evening.  I remember my dad telling me how important it is to travel as a family together and I try to do that every year.  This year my son and I went to visit my dad out in California and we were able to spend some time traveling together.
Dad and I at Sequoia National Park - May 2012
Thank you dad for your gift (maybe curse haha) of traveling.  I hope to be able to spend many more traveling times together with you dad.  Love you!
Dad posing in Colorado

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  1. What a wonderful tribute, Sere! I love traveling with my family, too, for just the reasons you listed. We aim for one "big" trip a year, with smaller weekend adventures whenever we can manage them. This year, we're off on our first road trip - a tradition I hope our children will continue with their own families some day.

  2. This is a very nice tribute post Sere. I too got my love for travel and photography from my dad and I hope to pass on that for future generations.
    I liked the old shots, they are so reminiscent of their tales!


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