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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Puppy Tails - I'm Supposed to Share... Really?

So some of you know that I also raise Siberian Huskies, as one of the many, many hats that I wear, haha.  I could probably fill many, many posts with stories from my puppies and all their crazy and cute antics.  I wrote one about my boy Nanook here awhile back, and today I am going to tell a cute story about the two puppies that I have left from my last litter.  Here they are in all their adorableness...
In this shot, taken a couple of weeks ago, they are fighting over something.  They are ALWAYS fighting over something, haha, as the following story will show.
  They are getting into that chewing stage and so I decided that I was going to give them each a chew toy to play with.  Now if any of you have dogs at home you know that what the OTHER one has is ALWAYS better right?  So even though you give them each something, they will "fight" and I mean that in a playful way, over one toy or snack or whatever it is.

The story goes, I went in to feed them today and started playing with them and their chew toy.  I would sit on the ground, in their pen, and play with one of the puppies.  The other one would take like flying leaps at me, trying to lick my face and get my attention.  Now I have one puppy that is more of a cuddler and another one that is more "adventurous." 

The "adventurous" one almost always ends up with the toy, so I'm watching my cuddler eyeballing one of the chew toys today as she's sitting on my lap, while the other one is taking flying leaps at me.  All of a sudden my cuddler charges out of my lap and pounces on the chew toy, grabs it from her sister, and then leaps back into my lap burying her head, with the chew toy, under my leg.  It was quite hilarious, but what was even more funny is that the adventurous one would bound over to where the cuddler had buried the toy, grab it and run away.  The cuddler would wait on my lap until just the right time and then bound out of my lap yet again, pounce, and hide.  I couldn't stop from laughing and I thought you guys might enjoy reading about it.  Do you have any funny or cute "Puppy Tails" of your own?  I'd love to hear about them.

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