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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall Photo Scavenger Hunt Picture 1

Fall is coming!  Don't forget to check out my Fall Photo Scavenger Hunt, find me on Pinterest and let me know you are interested so I can add you to my board so I can see your pictures.  Looking forward to a fun scavenger hunt this fall season.  I was able to post my first picture of the scavenger hunt today.
Butterfly in a park
This is my picture for #11, which is "Park".  It was such a beautiful day out today that I was really happy to be able to get outside again.  It was warm, but not too muggy out and the butterflies are out like crazy.  I was helping a friend of mine learn how to use her camera, so as an added bonus I was able to be out and about playing with my camera with somebody.  Always extra fun that way!  I hope you got a chance to get out and enjoy your day as well!

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