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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wanderlust Wedneday - Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park, found in south western Colorado, not too far from Durango Colorado is a fascinating place to go and see.  This is a National Park, not based on it's unique and beautiful natural places, but for it's historical importance.  One of the few National Parks to do this.  Check out more of my trips by clicking on the picture.

This is what is called the Tower House and it is one of many, many ruins from a group of native Americans called the Pueblo people.  It is a fascinating place to walk around and to see how these people lived from about AD 600-1300.  These are some of the best preserved ruins.  Most of the ruins are viewable only with a ranger guided tour, but a few are open for self-guided tours.  You can check the schedule here

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  1. I enjoyed your Mesa Verde pictures, Sere! This is still high on my National Parks list to visit only because it is so unique. Those ruins are amazing and how cool will it be to explore them.

  2. It was a fun place to visit. The history is just fascinating. They have tours that are pretty interesting, where you can walk around inside of some of the ruins. It was quite warm the day we were visiting. Good luck on your travels getting here :).


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