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Friday, October 26, 2012

Children's Beach - La Jolla California

I LOVE the California coastline.  It's so different from the east coast, so much wilder and less tame.  It calls to me, the wild untameness of it.  On my trip in May to California I drove along the coastline from San Diego on up to just north of LA.  I wish I could have gone further, but time was not with me.  Even so, I was able to see some of that marvelous untameness. 

The water was absolutely FRIGID I must admit for a warm blooded person such as myself.  Just to let you know how pathetic I am with cold water, when I was snorkeling in Hawaii, in August, I only lasted like half an hour in the water before I got cold.  I seriously need a wetsuit, to snorkel in Hawaii!  Very sad, I must say haha.  So I will dip my feet in the water on the west coast, but will probably not be spending a lot of time in the ocean.  Although I could sit and watch it and wander the coastline for hours!  One of the most fun things we were able to do along the coatline was to see the seals as they "basked" in the sun or swam out and about.  We stopped at Children's Beach and La Jolla to check these fun creatures out. 

This guy was just sitting there posing for me.  I loved how the waves just crashed up around him as he hung out on this rock.  It didn't seem to phase him in the least.  In fact, one of the neatest things about these beaches was exactly how calm the seals were.  Now, disclaimer here, do not approach these animals, even if they seem calm, they are still wild animals and you do not know how they will respond to you.  Also the sheer numbers of them was amazing to me.
Look at all of these guys!  And I couldn't even get them all in the picture!
On Children's Beach, they had to actually shut down the beach because of these guys.  And the seals definately like that beach and probably won't be giving it up anytime soon for the kids to play in.  They have stairs that are fun viewing areas, along with a path along the top of the bluff above the beach where you can walk or run or meander with your family and watch them.  My son loved being able to see them and wanted to get as close to them as he could.  The amazing thing was that you could get within touching distance of the seals and they just laid there.  Now I did not allow my son to touch them, but he was definately wanting to haha.  The picture below shows you how unafraid they are of people.  Again my disclaimer is that they are still unpredictable wild animals and DO NOT try to touch them.
I was trying to keep a safe distance from them, but I could have easily gotten much closer to them.  I so love seeing and watching wild animals so this was just so much fun for me!  This was actually on La Jolla Beach.  Just around the rock jutting out in the distance is Children's Beach.  Such fun!

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  1. What a cool spot! We'll have to check it out next time we're in the area.

    1. Loved it and your sons will get a kick out of the sea lions just kind of hanging out there. I seriously had to keep telling my child to stay back from them, because they just laid there and would let you get so close to them.

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