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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Road Trip Tale - Albino Squirrel

Have you ever seen an albino squirrel before?  I never would have thought I would see one because I think albino animals just have a very high mortality rate.  But on our most recent road trip up to Minneapolis via the Great River Road, my son spotted one at Minehaha Park in Minneapolis.

I'm pretty sure it is a true albino because if you look really closely at his eyes, they do have the pink coloring to them.  We had just finished bike riding around the park and checking out the waterfall, which was really low and barely flowing this year because of the drought.  We had gotten something to drink and were rushing to the car because we had to pay to park and I was pretty sure that our time was almost up, when my son skidded to a stop in front of me.  I about ran him over haha.  He got all excited and was pointing like a crazy person in front of him.  "Look mom, a white squirrel!"  I couldn't believe it!  I did not have my telephoto lens with me so I tried to take pictures as best as I could with my regular lens.  It was a pretty wild thing to see.  We ended up with a small crowd around us all trying to get pictures too. 

So the moral to this tale is that if you want to catch some cool things, follow your child's lead because they spot things you don't.  I probably would have totally missed the photo opp if I hadn't had my son because my concentration was on getting to the car on time.

Oh and yes we did make it to our car on time, even with the extra time I spent taking pictures of this cool looking critter.  Also go and visit Minehaha State Park, it's a beautiful place and literally inside the city of Minneapolis.

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