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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wanderlust Wednesday - Missouri Ozarks

This was a picture that was taken in the Missouri Ozarks at Ha Ha Tonka State Park.  It's a natural spring and it had such beautiful water coloring to it.  The water was just crystal clear.  You can see in the picture the plants and such that were under the water.
We had gone to Lake of the Ozarks to go boating and hang out at the beach and because this was 2008 and the economic "crash" had happened Lake of the Ozarks was relatively empty of people.  It was really nice.

What struck me about these springs is just how clean they were and the water was FRIGID!  In fact we dared my son to dunk his head in the water, just for fun.  Of course he was like 5 and had no problems being dunked into the water.  Come to think of it, he still has no problems with coooold water haha.  You can see where the spring water comes out of the rocks, exceptionally clean.  I had no idea Missouri had so many natural springs, but it is a state that is known for that.

Enjoy!  To see more of my travel pictures click HERE!

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