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Friday, January 18, 2013

Photo Friday - Balboa Park Tree

I love linking up with people so I am going to try and post a Photo Friday picture as often as I can.  These will be just random travel or nature pictures that fit different Photo Friday links and my own interests.  For my first Photo Friday I am posting a picture of a neat looking tree that I spotted in Balboa Park, San Diego, California on my recent trip there from May 2012.

Tree in Balboa Park
Balboa Park tree, San Diego California
I took this picture because I loved all the knobbies that were coming up through the ground and thought they were neat looking.  We had gotten to the park too late to see many of the neat museums that they have there, so we were just walking around the park enjoying all the fun stuff they have outside of the museums when I spotted it.  It was actually on a pretty steep hill, but we were able to walk amongst the trees that were in this little grove I guess.

As I was looking at this picture I realized that I had several pictures like this of just weird, funky, trees that would be fun to show everybody.  So this is picture one and I am going to do a funky tree picture for the next week on my Facebook page.  I would love for you to "like" my Facebook page to follow along.

This picture was posted for Photo Friday on Delicious Baby and Budget Travelers SandboxR We There Yet Mom also does a Photo Friday as well.

Please visit my Flickr page for this picture and other fun photos to look at.

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. I noticed a tree with the roots exposed like this a few weekends ago. Forgot to find out what kind of tree it is.

    1. I would love to find out as well. I see all these cool trees and I don't always find out what they are either. I know the trees around where I live, but not in other places around the country.

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