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Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Joys

I know a lot of people get to January and February and they get a little depressed because there is a loooong winter ahead of them.  At least those of us around here in the midwest feel that way :).  I happen to like January and February.  It's not October(my absolute fav month) but definately better then March, where it's just wet and dreary, and August, where you're dripping because of how hot it is.  Here are a few reasons why...
The snow makes everything so crisp.
winter tree
 Turns the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Birds in a icy tree
great river road winter
Blizzard winds turn snow into something different.

February Snowpaclypse

Bald eagles come out to play and I believe they are some of the most majestic birds in the world.

Beautiful bald eagle

Makes ice into a sculpture.
Waterfalls of ice
These are a few of the reasons why winter brings me joy! 
Happy winter everybody!

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  1. Thank u Debi! Winter shots r fun to take and very challenging sometimes. Hope u r enjoying your "winter".

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