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Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter on the Great River Road

great river road winter
This was a picture that I took off of Great River Road in Illinois about a week ago.  It was snowing out that day and I was off to have some fun with snow pictures.  I had featured it on my last post, but thought that I would tell more about it for this post.  I sometimes forget how blessed I am to be living on one of the all time great road trips in the United States.  I've been from my home state north and a little south but not too far south.  It's on my bucket list :).

Here is a Great River Road trip picture from Wisconsin that I took this past fall.  There are all sorts of activities you can do throughout the drive and I will just quickly feature a few for this post.

Great River Road Fall Trip
This particular area of the river feeds into a small lake called Lake Pepin.  You can boat, fish, canoe, kayak and swim in it in the summer time.  It is also the widest naturally occuring part of the river and quite beautiful.
One of the more popular things to do along the Mississippi River especially in the winter is to watch for bald eagles.  Absolutely beautiful birds.  You need to look for them around the locks and dams that are along the river because that is one of the few places that the water does not ice up in the wintertime.  The bald eagles can then fish to their hearts content.
Beautiful bald eagle
This picture was taken last January in Clarksville, MO during their Eagle Days celebration.  Unfortunately last year was a bad year for eagle pictures.  It was simply to warm.  You can find Eagle Day celebrations up and down the river.

I can't forget the state parks that are all along the river and there are gobs of them!!!  Pikes Peak State Park in Iowa, Wyalusing and Interstate State Park in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  Mississippi Palisades State Park in Illinois.  I could only hit a couple on my last trip up, but I have been to several of them up and down the river.  Here's a few for you to take a look at.

Great River Road Fall Trip
Pikes Peak State Park, Iowa
Mississippi Palisades State Park
Mississippi Palisades State Park in Illinois
These pictures were not taken in the winter, but the state parks are open all year long and with the snow would look beautiful in the winter as well.
This was just a quick and brief overview of some of the things you can do along the Mississippi River.  I will do a more in depth post at a later date. 

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I lived in Central IL for a few years and do not miss those cold, wintry days one bit!

    Thank you for linking up with us this week - I hope you continue to do so each week!

    1. haha Rebecca. I can see your point, but I think I would miss the change of seasons moving down south. It was fun to link up and see everybodies pictures. I enjoyed it and hope to continue to do it.

    2. I meant to ask and got distracted but where in IL did u live??

  2. Wow, up close like that you can see by that pointy hooked beak how powerful the eagle really is. Fabulous photo.

    1. Thank you! I just find eagles to be beautiful. I know their beaks are powerful and their talons too... kinda scary to look at. Built for gripping and ripping, they are fun to watch hunt.

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