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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Traveling to Lose... or Find... Yourself

I just posted this question on my travel and photography Facebook page late last night and it's been on my mind most of the night, somewhat due to some frustrating extended family issues that had us canceling our March family trip.  I woke up to snow and wind this morning and was even more frustrated that we weren't going to be heading to warmer climates.  Thought that I would pose it on here for all my readers as well.  I am curious about your answers.  Do you travel to lose yourself...
wisconsin backroad
This is somewhere in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin - fall colors trip.
I dislike highways so this is a backroad heading up to Bayfield

to find yourself
new york adirondacks
This is a picture my husband took of my son and I in front of Lake Placid in New York
on our way to Niagara Falls
niagara falls 1
Niagara Falls - USA side
I seem to ask myself that question a lot when I am in contemplation somewhere that is just absolutely beautiful that I have traveled to.  I travel for many reasons, to see new places and try out new activities are a couple of my top reasons.  I am braver when I am not in my "comfort zone".  I tend to try new things, which helps me to find myself.
White Water Rafting
White water rafting outside of Durango Colorado
Ziplining outside of Asheville North Carolina
Horseback Riding
Horseback riding in Texas Hill Country
Trying new things challenges us as people and gets us to grow, traveling allows you to have that growing experience which helps you to learn more about yourself as a person.  How much you can handle(or not)?  Also it helps you to decide if you really enjoy something or if that one time was enough.  I LOVED all of the above things that I did and I may not have known that if I had not traveled and tried them out.
I have a tendency to lose myself in a beautiful view.  I just stand in awe of how awesome our Maker is.  Whether it is a tropical view.

Hapuna Beach
Hapuna Beach - Hawaii
One of the most beautiful beaches in the world
Bahia Honda State Park
Bahia Honda State Park - Florida Keys
Another one of the most beautiful beaches
Or a land view of such awe that I am left breathless.

grand canyon
Grand Canyon National Park
I could lose myself for days just in this National Park.  So many great views everywhere you turn.  I just wanted to sit there and stare. 
Traveling also makes you realize how very small you are in the world, in a good way.  That there is so much more to the world then just your little corner of it.  It makes me want to go and EXPLORE all that I can.

Giant Sequoia Tree
Giant sequoia tree in California
Largest trees by mass in the world
I can lose myself on the road.

highway 1
Highway 1 Florida Keys
7 Mile Bridge
Just put on some great music, roll the window down if it is nice enough outside and I am loving it!  It's the sense of freedom that you get.  You can go any direction you want, stay anywhere you want, and drive however long you want or stop, just because you saw something that interested you.

Largest wooden rocker
Who Knew?
I wouldn't have had I not traveled.
The open road to me is the ultimate lose yourself way to travel and I tend to road trip it just about anywhere that I can.  I actually have issues with airports and airplanes haha. 

great river road
Great River Road - Minnesota
Smeary windows are required on all road trips!!  My conclusion and answer to the question has to be both.  I find and lose myself while traveling both on the same trip!  What are your thoughts?

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  1. I don't know if I've traveled to do either but have experienced both! There are times I lose myself and experiences that help me gain a better understanding of myself.

    1. That's always how I feel too. And sometimes it depends upon personal circumstances and where you are with yourself at that moment too.

  2. I love road trips, too! I think it's because that is when I "find" us. The road seems full of possibility, and takes me away from the petty problems I was dealing with at home. I crave that time in the car, with us as a family talking and sharing ideas, without being distracted by the tv or video games, etc. all of which aren't allowed except on the longest of trips!

    1. I am totally with you there Michelle. I only allow video games on long road trips too and only in short bursts because I love that family time too. And yes, my husband and I get in a groove while road tripping together too. Love it! You've echoed my feelings well. Thanks!

  3. I do both. I have traveled to both lose myself (or so I thought) only to find myself in the process. Does that even make sense?

    Until recently, I have always preferred road trips over flights but I was away quite a bit (for me) last year and on the last trip with my son, we were both grateful that when it was done we could hop on a plane and fly home. Road trips are perfect if I have the time to and from (or one or the other) my destination to explore. I love to stop at unexpected places at whatever catches my eye. To me that is a real road trip.

    1. Tonya yep that is what I was talking about. Losing myself to find myself. I get that about airplanes I just remember my insane airport experience at O'hare and LAX on my trip to Cali. I swear I could have driven there quicker what with delays and driving to the airport and line waiting. I had to wait 3 hours just to get my rental! It was crazy! I agree with you on stopping at random things. That does make a road trip a "real" road trip :).

  4. I definitely travel to create experiences for myself and my family - I never thought of it as losing myself or finding myself..... good food for thought.

    I love your pictures too!! Thanks for linking up - sorry for the linky snafu last night!

    1. Not a problem! I came back and found the linky :)so it was no big deal. That is part of why I travel too and drag my family along with me haha. Thanks!

  5. I never really thought about it before to tell you the truth. I think when I'm planning travel it's with the thought of escaping the humdrum of regular life - so to lose myself I suppose. But once we're traveling I think the experiences help us find ourselves individually and as a family.

    1. Haha Yes escape is a part of it too! I know when things happen in my life or I just get crazy busy I start planning my next trip, so I can shut off my phone and just spend the time with my family. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I'm usually traveling for adventure and change. I always love to try new experiences.Your photos are lovely - especially the Florida Keys shot.

  7. Thank you Leigh! Yep that is part of why I travel as well, to try new things. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. This is a beautiful collection of photos, Sere! I haven't really thought about losing or finding myself during my travels. I usually travel to try out experiences, learn new cultures and show my kids the world. It's also a wonderful escape from work and school and to spend time as family

    1. Thanks! I totally agree with all of those reasons as well, Mary!

  9. Hmmm . . . you made me think about that question now. I kind of lose myself when I travel because I remove myself from the daily grind of cooking and cleaning, but on the other hand, I find myself in what means the most to me: family time together.

    1. Yep! That's true! It's fun to think about and I think that most people probably do a little bit of both in their travels.

  10. Your photos are beautiful. My family transforms itself when we're traveling. At home, we seem never seem to be very adventurous, but vacations are always an excuse for us to explore nature and have fabulous experiences. It's strange that we love to travel to National Parks but we never hike local ones. This past year, I've been trying to incorporate exciting explorations into my life when just staying at home. That way, I don't have to wait for a trip to find/lose myself.

    1. Thank you! Funny how that works, you get out of your comfort zone and hello the adventurous spirit takes over! We love to hike National Parks as well and I always try to find local parks or state parks too. I seem to always be able to lose and find myself in nature wherever I may be. Good luck with incorporating that into your life :)!

  11. I've always thought that I do a bit of both - losing and discovering myself at the same time. Love your photos, especially Hwy 1. It makes me think there's so much living and traveling yet to do!

    1. Always! There is always more traveling to do :). Thanks!


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