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Friday, March 29, 2013

Photo Friday - Springy Things!

It is starting to warm up a little bit around these parts, making me eager to get out of the house!  I have all sorts of "springy" pictures from this past week.  This is Day 2 of Easter break and we are hoping to get outta dodge for the day.  I've been wanting to visit New Salem, outside of Springfield, IL for quite awhile now and decided that today would be the day to walk around this historical site.  I caught this candid shot of my son practicing his harmonica while sitting next to one of the Honest Abe statue.  I thought it would be a good Photo Friday shot.  Only I apparently missed the deadline for this week.  Oops!  Oh well it works for a travel photo too.  New Salem is a fun place to visit and the volunteers there are awesome!  Knowledgable and super friendly!  I will be posting more about it soon :).

We had some of that white stuff floating around here for a few days before break.  Yuck!  We still have a bit on the ground, but it melted pretty fast. I am so happy to be rid of it.  I do LOVE snow, but NOT now.  I am so glad that this......
early spring 4
is GONE and has been replaced by this.....
early spring 2
which is a heck of a lot more fun :)!
We are going to have a few of these guys running around here very shortly.  Six of them right now with another batch on the way.  Don't baby animals just say springtime to you?

early spring 1
Aren't they just the cutest things?

The birds are starting to sing or tap as the case may be and everything is awakening. 
early spring 3
We celebrate spring by getting out of the house as much as possible, to explore flowers, mud, the woods, baby animals, etc.  How do you celebrate spring?
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  1. Those puppies are adorable, and I love your last photograph of the bird. I like to celebrate Spring by travelling!

    1. I too enjoy traveling in the spring. It's a little harder to do with school schedules, but definately agree with you on that :).

  2. It's eternal summer in Malaysia. I still dream about springtime. That's a cute photo of your son.

    1. Haha thanks! I think I would miss the seasons, although it does look gorgeous where you are.


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