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Monday, April 22, 2013

Celebrating Earth Day Farmer Style

We don't normally do a whole heck of a lot for Earth Day.  Mostly it is because I try to do things for the earth on regular basis so I don't think to do "special" things for Earth Day.  This year though was a beautiful day, so we decided to celebrate Earth Day and get something done that needed to be done.  This year my husband took out the discer(not sure that is spelled correctly) and dug up the ground for our garden.  The fun thing about being a farmers wife is that stuff like that is FUN because of the BIG equipment we have for farming that we get to use.  How about this for a quick way to churn up your garden...

Earth Day discing
Not only do we have some fun equipment but I can make my garden whatever size I want it to.  Or more likely whatever size I decide I actually want to weed.  Yuck!  This year we are having some friends join us for gardening fun.  I'm hoping to get them some cheap food they can use and get some extra help with the not so fun stuff, like weeding.
As a farmer we need to be careful about how we treat our land so that we can get the best yields possible for our grain.  On that note, we try to celebrate Earth Day all the time :).  What types of things do you do to celebrate Earth Day?

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  1. I'm with you - we try to celebrate the Earth every day. My boys would have LOVED hanging out with you today. :-)

  2. Boys and big farm equipment just go hand in hand don't they :). I would have enjoyed having them around.


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