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Places I Have Been

I have been going back and forth on this page trying to figure out the best and easiest way to show you where my travels have taken me.  I am in the process of trying to get a webpage together, but for now I have separated my travels into different catagories.  I have focused most of my travels on the United States because I really enjoy road tripping and find our country to have soo many beautiful places to visit.  I love to take scenic byways to see the "real" America and lets face it, there are some funky road side attractions here in the US.  America has been blessed with such a range of landscapes and I want to see it all and capture it with my camera.  My hope is to take you along for the ride.  Travel dream number 1: hit all 50 states.  Travel dream number 2:  all the National Parks.  Other goals; well you can read all about those in my bucket list

 I am in the process of gathering together pictures and organizing them so you can see them and eventually there will be links for pictures and if I have them, blogs of each place I have been.  You can click on the region of the United States to get a list of states in that region and ones that I have been to.  I hope that you will bear with me through this transition.

Western United States

Rocky Mountain States

Central States

Southeastern States

Northeastern States (in progress)

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